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Monday, September 27, 2010

A Taste of the Tramp's Life

Wattup, Tramps!
Well... we started a blog close to a month ago and posted no updates! You're probably wondering why and the answer to that question is (and we ain't kiddin'); IT'S A TRAMP'S LIFE!
As Immy would say; "Faux!"
Dispair no more because as busy as trampin' all over JoHo keeps us, we will always make time to keep you updated on the trampology, baby! Check this out, an introduction to the individual tramps.
"Too Much Spotlight; can I please just be a Tramp!"

Ms. Nchoe!
"Fag Hag? No, hunny. TrampQueen it is!"

"It's Abiah Almighty to you!"

"O sharp, mara? Crunked up and tramped just right!"
As of tomorrow; September 28th 2010 and for the rest of the week; look out for some real trampin' at SA Fashion Week and the super-trampin' that will be hitting JoHO throughout the week.
Keep trampin'!

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